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Extreme Pressure Grease - NLGI-2

Made In The U.S.A.

   Boundary's extreme pressure grease is a unique high performance automotive and industrial grease.  It's state of the art formulation gives long life at high temperatures, plus it's extreme pressure characteristics stand up against high impact loads.

   Boundary has a dropping point of (520 F) which makes it perform well in construction machinery, mining applications, agriculture use and prevents loss of lubricating protection at higher temperatures.  Has a working temperature of (-40 F) for freezing winter conditions.

   Resists contamination to water, steam and contaminates with it's 2% water wash cut at (175 F).

   Boundary's outstanding shear stability reduces leakage and helps to form a good grease seal.

   Rust-Inhibitors insure protection under wet conditions.

   Boundary comes packaged in 16 ounce cartridges that fit most standard grease guns, 35 pound pails, 120 pound kegs and 400 pound barrels.

   Applications:  Industrial applications including bearings exposed to high temperatures, mining, construction equipment, agricultural, general machinery, ball joints, universal joints and automotive systems.

Basic Specifications:

NLGI Grade 2
Color Blue Semi Solid
Dropping point ASTM D-2265 520 F
Water Washout ASTM-1264 175 F 2%
Four Ball EP, ASTM-2596 Weld Point in Kilograms Min. 500
Four Ball Wear, ASTM D-2266 scar Diameter Millimeters .4
Viscosity Index, Min. 75

Danger:  KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.  Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin. 

Remove grease promptly from skin with soap and water.  If irritation occurs see a doctor.

Boundary Extreme Pressure Grease

Item # Size Shipping Wt. Price Cost Per Oz.

GR 001

16 oz. Tube (each) 1 pound $5.00 $0.31

GR 002

1 Carton (10 Tubes) 12 pounds $45.95 $0.28

GR 003

5 Gallon Pail 4 pounds $140.00 $0.25

GR 004

120 lb Keg Call for Shipping 357.50 $0.19

GR 005

400 lb. 55 Gallon Drum Call for shipping 1071.00 $0.17

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