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B.F.C. Oil Fortifier

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   Boundary Friction Control oil fortifiers make use of a unique and exclusive technology.  The combination of both passive and active chemistry affords the B.F.C. oil fortifiers substantial ability to enhance your lubricants.

   Passive Chemistry treats the metal by penetrating the metal surface with a chemical friction barrier.  This chemical barrier is several angstroms thick and will not affect close tolerances, however, this chemical barrier acts much like a glove to surround and protect the metal parts.

   Active Chemistry treats the oil with a stabilized EP agent which becomes active whenever extreme conditions are present.  The agents become chemically active and create a chemical barrier to prevent metal to metal contact.  The carrier transports both active and passive EP agents to every area of your lubrication system.

   Boundary Friction Control Oil Fortifier is extremely concentrated.  Treatment of most oil systems is accomplished at a 5% level.  This is achieved by adding 1.5 ounces per quart of motor oil the first application, then use 1 ounce per quart of motor oil thereafter.  Although it is okay to treat oil systems at a higher level, light duty applications generally do not require a higher treat level.  Severe applications such as gear boxes and high heat generating operations can be treated as high as 10% for optimum results.  Contact Boundary Friction Control for technical questions about your particular application.

Boundary Friction Control Oil Fortifier


Does Not Contain:

PTFE additives




Chlorinated Solvents

Active Sulphur

Turbine Grade Anti-oxidants

Detergent Additives

Dispersant Additives

Foam Control Agents

Rust Preventatives

Corrosion Preventatives

Viscosity Protectants

Contamination Inhibitors

Passive EP Agents

Active EP Agents

Friction Modifiers

Pour Point Depressants

Auto Ignition Inhibitors

Application Chart

   Engines, Gear Boxes, Hydraulic Systems, Manual Transmissions, Transfer Cases, Air Compressors and Differentials:

First Application - Use 1 oz. per quart of oil

Subsequent Applications - 1 oz. per quart of oil

   Note:  In non-slip differentials, Gear Boxes, Hydraulic systems, and transfer cases, Boundary may be used at 3 ounces per quart of oil for outstanding results.

Power Steering Pumps:  Uses 1 oz. per quart of power steering fluid

Two-Cycle Engines:

1.  Put 1 oz. of Boundary in 1 quart of two cycle oil.

2.  Shake well before adding to gasoline.

3.  Add to gasoline using the ratio recommended on the two cycle oil label.

One quart of Boundary Oil Fortifier treats 32 quarts of oil, one gallon treats 32 gallons of oil, five gallons treats 3-55 gallons barrels of oil.


Boundary may be used in all engines, gear boxes, hydraulic systems, manual transmissions, transfer cases, differentials and industrial machinery.

Boundary Oil Fortifier is a Petroleum based oil treatment.  It contains no moly, PTFE, or graphite and Boundary is 100% gasket compatible.


In non-slip differentials, Gear boxes, Hydraulic systems and transfer cases, B.F.C. can be used at 3 ounces per quart of oil for outstanding results.

Directions for use:

Add 1.5 ounces of Boundary Oil Fortifier per quart of oil.  After each oil change, add 1 ounce of B.F.C. per quart of oil.

One quart of B.F.C. treats 32 quarts of oil, one gallon treats 32 gallons of oil, five gallons treats 3-55 gallon drums of oil.


B.F.C. Oil Fortifier is available in sizes ranging from 1 quart containers to industrial tanker loads.


Pour Point COC F (C) -35 (-37)
Viscosity Cst @ 100C 4.86
Ash, Sulfated, Wt. % in use 0.14%
Flash Point COC F (C) 325 (163)
Fire Point COC G (C) 335 (169)


May be used anywhere metal moves against metal...  Vehicles, all type of machinery.

Makes all metal parts last longer.

Protects against corrosion

Protects under extreme temperature conditions

Lowers energy cost... gas, diesel or electric.

Reduces down time caused by machine breakdowns.

Lowers replacement, repair and maintenance costs.

Increases power and improves performance.

Boundary Oil Fortifier (application - 1 oz. per qt. of oil)

Item # Size Shipping Wt. Price
BF-006 1 Quart 3 lbs.


BF-005 Gallon 5 lbs.


BF-004 1 Gallon 9.5 lbs.


BF-003 5 Gallon Pail 47 lbs.


BF-002 30 Gallon Barrel Call for Shipping


BF-001 55 Gallon Barrel Call for Shipping


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