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ProBound 1250 - Made In The U.S.A.

Diesel Fuel Conditioner

   ProBound 1250 is a premium multipurpose diesel fuel conditioner designed to address problems associated with diesel fuel use such as poor ignition, icing and wax buildup on filters, rust and corrosion, gum and varnish deposits, which lead to poor injector performance.  E.P.A. regulations have resulted in fuels with reduced lubricity content.  ProBound 1250 is formulated with lubricity improvers to protect fuel system components from premature wear.  Excessive exhaust smoke and particular emissions are also a problem addressed by ProBound 1250.  Along with its ability to protect against water entrainment and insure good fuel stability, ProBound 1250 is a very comprehensive package that will increase your engine's performance both in fuel economy and power.  ProBound 1250 is designed for use in all diesels.  Fleet, commercial, industrial, agricultural, marine, construction, stationary and light duty applications will benefit with longer life and have less mechanical breakdowns.


Increases cetane by 3 to 8 for improved ignition

Improves fuel economy

Provides better lubrication of key injector components

Wax modification package

De-icing compounds

Extends filter and injector life

Faster warm-ups

Decreased smoking

Fuel stabilizer

Rust and corrosion inhibitors

Reduces maintenance and downtime

Application:  Normal treatment:  Treat diesel fuels year-round with 1 gallon for 1250 gallons of diesel.  100 gallons of diesel will need 10.25 ounces of ProBound 1250.  Extreme cold conditions may require higher treatment levels.  For problem injector cleaning use up to one quart per 100 gallons.

Typical Characteristics:

Density @ 15C 0.96
Weight lbs./gal. 8.07
Viscosity Cst @ 40C 12.0
Flash Point (PMCC) F (C) 149 (65)
Appearance light colored liquid
Percent Volatile <75

ProBound 1250 Diesel Fuel Conditioner

Item # Size Shipping Wt. Price
DF 004

1 Gallon (Treats 1250 gal.)

8.5 lbs.


DF 003

5 Gallon (Treats 6250 gal.)

45 lbs.


DF 002

30 Gallon Drum

Call for shipping


DF 001

55 Gallon Drum

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