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B.F.C. Spray Lubricant - Made In The U.S.A.

Cleans - Protects - Lubricates - Penetrates

   Boundary Spray Lube is designed for industrial application when more than just a lubricant is needed.  With outstanding anti-rust capabilities this spray can be used to lubricate and protect tools from rust and oxidation corrosion.  When used as a penetrating oil, Boundary also provides an extreme pressure agent to lubricate when rusted threads break free.  This lubricant acts quickly to displace water and allows our highly effective rust preventative to create a microscopic rust barrier.  Boundary Spray Lube will offer indoor rust protection for up to one year.  The pump system reduces airborne particulate contamination associated with aerosol cans and eliminates dangerous highly flammable propellants.

   Applications:  Excellent in applications such as guns, fishing equipment, door hinges, latches, drawers, windows, locks, rusted parts, frozen valves, cars, drill bits, anywhere an exceptional lubrication is needed.  Not recommended for use on titanium of food applications.

   Benefits:  Boundary Spray Lube effectively cleans most surfaces as well as lubricates frozen or rusted parts.  To loosen stuck parts, apply liberally and allow to penetrate until loose.  Lubricates all moving parts in automotive, farming, industrial and commercial applications.  Boundary Spray Lube has a high resistance to water and helps drive moisture away from working surfaces.

   Danger:  Keep away from Children.  Keep this product and its vapors away from heat, sparks and open flames.  Use in well ventilated areas.  Do NOT incinerate or store above 120.

Suggested First Aid; Contains petroleum distillates.

If swallowed DO NOT induce vomiting, call a physician immediately.  Skin Contact:  Wash with soap and water.

Boundary Spray Lubricant

Item # Size Shipping Wt. Price
SL 001 1 Gallon 9 pounds


SL 002 5 Gallon Pail 45 pounds


SL 003 Barrel Call for shipping


P 006 16 oz Re-Chg. Spray Cans N/A


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