M95 Gas Masks

NIOSH Approved System (TC-84A-3320)

   The M95 Respirator offers the highest standard in modern Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical protection combined with unrivaled comfort, reliability and wearer acceptance.

  • High-quality chemical-resistant materials

  • Chemical Warfare Resistant

  • Practical low-profile design and construction

  • Less than 8 seconds don time.

  • Stable & fully adjustable good chin support.

  • Comfortable 6-point head harness for extended wear

  • Rugged collision resistant design.

  • Speech diaphragm provides clear communication

  • Compatible with weapons and tactical equipment

  • Excellent fit with NBC protective suit.

  • Excellent Field of Vision >80%

  • Equally ventilated lenses.

  • Optional prescription lens frame

  • The small inner-orinasal mask reduces dead-space to a minimum (<0.7 % total CO2 volume within facepiece).

  • Low exhalation resistance <1.50 mbar.

  • Easy-to-use drinking tube for ingestion of liquids.

  • Optional Camelbak and Hydrastorm  compatible M95 Hydration Valve

  • Replaceable parts are color-coded to highlight vital components.

  • Weight (Regular) <480g, <800g w/M95 Cartridge.

  • Weight (Small) <430g, <750g w/M95 Cartridge.

  • 20-Year Shelf Life on M95 facepiece.

  • 10-Year Shelf Life on M95 Cartridge.

  • Moisture drain.

  • Color-coded replaceable parts for Easy Maintenance.

M95 Cartridge Protects Against:

  • Has the capacity to offers protection against a wide spectrum of gases

  • All known chemical and biological agents as well as a multitude of other hazardous chemicals.

  • Has an exceptionally high (P100) particle filtration capacity and efficiency filtering out >99.97% of particulates.

  • Is effective against both gases and vapors, due to its high chemisorptions and physisorption capacity.

  • Has low breathing resistance

  • Chemical and biological agents like sarin and other nerve gases, mustard gas, cyanogen, arsine, phosgene; radioactive and highly toxic particles; aerosols and micro-organisms; bacteria and viruses.

  • Many industrial gases, i/.e. organic gases and vapors, inorganic gases and vapors, e.g. chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, organic and inorganic acids, such as formic acid, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen chloride.

  • Ammonia and methylamine

  • NIOSH CS/CN approval

M95 Gas Masks

M95 Full Facepiece (Regular) w/Drinking Valve

N-40026  -  $199.95 each

 M95 Full Facepiece (Small) w/Drinking Valve

N-40027  -  $199.95 each

7 or more $189.95 each

M95 Accessories

M95 Prescription Lens Frame

M-45001  $12.00

M95 Drinking Bottle w/Valve

M-45005  $27.50

M95 Hydration Valve (For use with Camelbak or Hydrastorm

M-45092  $29.95

M95 Cartridge

M-70005  $45.00 each

M95 Cartridges (case of 20)

M-70005-020  $650.00

Blackhawk, 56G Omega Gas Mask Pouch

M-45084  $54.95

M95, Replacement Valve Set, (4 inhalation, 1 exhalation)

M-45034  $10.35

Note: Masks cannot be used in an oxygen deficient environment.

"Total individual protection requires an integrated approach.  The primary protective mechanism is respiratory protection for both chemical and biological agents and especially so for biological agents.  A properly fitted protective mask when combined with an overgarment, gloves and boots can provide excellent protection." - Jane's Chem Bio Handbook

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For general information a good start is Jane's Chem-Bio Handbook or please call for other recommendations.

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