Why Should I Prepare?

   All you have to do is turn on the News, Internet, Shortwave, or even read the local newspapers to know that something very serious is happening in our world today: Spiritually, Politically, Economically, Geologically, Environmentally, etc. We know history repeats itself when we as individuals or we as a country donít apply the lessons we should have learned. Tough times such as economic depression, wars, terrorism in our country, famines and droughts will affect our lives more adversely if we donít take action now to provide for ourselves and those around us while the products are available and the prices are reasonable.

   Those who have had the unfortunate experience of being caught in disasters such as floods, blizzards, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornados have experienced this unpreparedness firsthand. Soon there can be no shelter, water, food, batteries, flashlights... And the list goes on. Wouldn't it be better to have security and peace of mind that whenever a crisis might strike, your family will be provided for because you've had the forethought to acquire provisions for these possibilities. Let's also remember those around us who are not as self-reliant or foresighted.

Our message is one of hope, common sense and practical self-reliant living. Some items listed are great for using around chemicals and toxic agents on the farm or around the house and for hunting and camping, also. Familiarizing yourself with these products will be invaluable when conditions require their use. You can't cover every possibility, but wisdom dictates that you do the best you can. You canít escape reality but you can prepare for it.

The following is a list of the things that individuals will need directly following any natural or man-made disaster:

  • Personal Shelter/Protective Gear/Masks/Chemical Suits, etc. - Total individual protection requires an integrated approach. The primary protective mechanism is respiratory protection for both chemical and biological agents and especially so for biological agents. A properly fitted protective mask when combined with an overgarment, gloves and boots can provide excellent protection.

  • Water - Even though you have water before a crisis arrives remember that afterwards the demand for pure drinking water is of utmost importance and can be quite scarce. Water filters and storage are essential.

  • Food/Cooking - Help in any form doesn't usually begin arriving for some time and food shortages can last for weeks. Grocery store shelves are cleared in a matter of hours. Food is a critical need. Equipment to cook with is very important. Who wants to stand in line?

  • Medical/First Aid - Once again, stores are depleted of First Aid supplies rapidly! Severe blood loss claims 50,000 lives a year. Even small cuts can become severely infected if not properly cared for quickly.

  • Tools & Equipment/Lights & Batteries - Finding a flashlight or batteries to purchase just after or before any disaster is almost impossible. Power can be out for days. Flashlights and batteries are essential!

  • News/Information/Communication - After every disaster the Emergency Broadcast System broadcasts critical information on where to get medical assistance, food, water, and even lifesaving advice. There are never enough radios. People who have radios, particularly Short Wave Radios, are much better informed.

  • Evacuation - Many people have had to leave their residence before, during or after a disaster. You should have supplies (set aside in one location) ready to go within minutes. They could be your lifeline for several days. Some people have had to leave in moment's notice with whatever they could grab and forgot the essentials. You should expect to be away for at least 3 to 7 days, probably even more.

  • Books - Information and knowledge is priceless. Inform yourself now for use when itís needed. May be lifesaving.

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